Advice for the working

Hey guys and girlies. Joag here again. I want to talk today about working whilst on the spectrum. I know I covered employment a few months back but now I have a job and been in it for a month. I want to cover a few topics which may benefit some of you.

First of Retail. If you work in retail or are planning on Retail I want you to know it’s not as scary as you may think. The key is time. Give yourself time to adjust. Your not going to learn everything in a day. Trust me as smart as you all are. It won’t happen in a day!
Secondly speed and accuracy. These two things come when you have had time and training. I’m still learning and I may not be the quickest but I sure am accurate.
If you make a mistake. Don’t let it own you. You can do better. Manys a time I have wanted to melt down but I had to realize it was one mistake. The business has probably had many me’s before. It’s not going to fall into its knees.

OK this is sounding like a letter to me. But its good advice and maybe I should take it onboard.

You administrators out there this is for you. Relax your gonna be great. It’s all about letting your personality shine. Now let me tell you about my two years in admin. I adored them. Again like everything I didn’t learn it all in a day. The key is patience. Not everyone is going to be as happy as you. I have a great example. An angry parent phoned to complain about pay (in the UK we pay x amount of money per week to the student for their education). Now this parent saw that the x amount was not what it should have been. And the boss in charge was not in. I tried to tell him that all I could do was take a number and leave a message. Not good enough for him. I ended up bearing the brunt of the abuse which I knew wasn’t directed at me. After the call. I had 2 choices I could internalise the anger and feel like I messed up. Or take a moment evaluate and say to myself that’s not my fault. I chose the latter. There’s a lesson in that story somewhere. Don’t worry if you get an angry call. It’s not your fault

That’s about the extent of my working knowledge. If I work in other sectors il maybe update this information a bit more