My List of the Best Autism Blogs for 2015

Hey, Guys, I am here today to share my list of 2015’s best autism bloggers.

  1. Gonna start off with a really good friend of mine on here Autism Mom. I have followed her blogs long before I began blogging, but my favorite blog has to be Feeling the Magic. reading stories about the navigator. He is adorable and now he’s cross-examining Santa which is, even more cute. In the years to come, he will be a little einstein as long as keeps up his testing. Go have a read for yourself and like me you will fall in love with the Navigator.
  2. My Second must read blog, which I tune into every week is AQuietWeek. Now Lori is an ausome blogger. I love reading her stories. She is so insightful and witty that there are days where I am just astounded by her ausomeness. I love her Actually Autistic category the artwork and her words are amazing. Please go check her out and show her some love. She is a true inspiration
  3. AS Diary is another blog which I love Pixie you were one of the reasons why I started blogging reading your stories about your day are really fascinating. I know its a disney quote but if you can reach for the stars Lets reach infinity and beyond together and Educare Advocate Love If you haven’t followed her yet. I really recommend it and Pix i know you havent blogged recently, but I cannot wait till you next write about your ausome family
  4. Runstreak4ASD the first day I started blogging I found runstreak and fell in love with Carson, he is an inspiration to ausome kids everywhere! I went back to the first day of this streak and going back and reading it again. As well as my new project I plan on running 2 miles a day. Follow me on twitter to find out how I do and scold me if i don’t keep it up. Read and support Carson
  5. Have you ever met a girl as precious as Jess. I read her story and I see parts of me in Jess. I remember being her age and my brother being the one who bore the brunt. Hope Jess is doing well today. I am always here with an ear when you want to vent and the blog isn’t doing it for you. Please go share some love with Raven!

My Letter To Santa

Ok, I know it is the 10th Dec and I am a little late in writing this! But Santa I hope you get to see this in time. This year I do not need presents for I have been granted the best gift of all. I have the friendship. I have love and support. I have a home to come home to after a long day at the best job ever. I have a job. I have my blog. You see there isn’t much more this girl needs. I don’t need a cure for something that makes me special which gives me cause to write. All I need is love and that keeps me warm on cold and dark nights. Santa If I may Can I ask you please to bring some love and hope to the homeless on this Christmas eve.  Let them have a warm place to lay their heads when they are cold and worn, Give them the love that I have so they shall not be alone. Give them food to give them strength when the fight is tough, Give them all this but just give them enough. For there are too many people with greed in the world who waste what others sorely need. Give them the knowledge and the kindness to do a good deed. Santa I have been a good girl this year this you know is true. So give others what I have and they can return it too.


Santa I have been good this year and I know many are sick, grant them health so they can see the new year full of laughter and of very few tears. For those who cannot get better I want to give them love and peace, and I hope when their day comes that their suffering cease.


Santa I ask you to put an end to the fight that is killing so many people. Let us not forget that we are all still people, we have families and friends, people who will love us till the bitter end. But it doesn’t have to end like this. We all know its true. So Santa Spread the Love of Christmas and we will all forever love you.


Love Joag Age 23

My Project

Hey, Guys This year I have been thinking so much about my life and reflecting on so many things which happened to me in the past and it has really helped me to overcome a lot of my issues. I am just one autistic girl on a mission to help people like myself. So as an early Christmas present to you all because I just can’t contain my excitement and to be able to get started with the actual thing instead of spending my life conceptualising it. I mean there is just so much I can write to this project. Tomorrow Its the Nitty Gritty Code behind it.


Code….. Wait Does That Mean


Yep, I am creating a website!

I am so excited to make this site. What is it going to be about? YOU! Teens and Adults with Autism coming together and having a safe place to connect. Parents don’t think I have forgotten you there will be a place for you to connect as well. Here’s the catch It is a Bully free zone. So many of us on the spectrum have encountered bullying at one point in our lives. So I am creating a place where we can go and be ourselves without being judged. Even as I am in the alternate persona I get the odd hate comment. In life itself, I used to get it bad from the ones I used to travel into school with.

What do you think of my new project? Oh and, by the way, I need name suggestions.


Captain Spectrum  @Capt_Spectrum Thanks for giving me the motivation to do this.



Literally Speaking Part 2

Ok, guys in between thinking of more blog posts. I have written one for tomorrow all about working. But for tonight I created a new quiz. So many of you enjoyed my last literally speaking quiz I thought I would make another.

Here it is Enjoy.

P.s I did pretty terribly during my test run. Post your results below or using #JoagLitSpeakinQuiz

Back to Basics of Autism.

Hey Guys and Girls as I am now working a lot I thought it would be a good idea to theme the next lot of posts around. The Basics of Autism. We are ending the year back at the beginning of autism. I want to talk about the first ever case of autism and how it was diagnosed. Back in the day and how it is diagnosed now (even if it is biased to boys) But i shall talk about why that is. The reason I am doing this now is so that a) I can learn more about it myself and b) if gives my nights a bit of structure rather than worrying about the night’s topics and also my new project oh boy am i excited to explain it all to you next month. This month if you check my twitter I will be running a number of polls to see what exactly I need for my surprise and I will announce it on 31st Dec at 12:00 Midnight EEK

Back to Basics What is Autism

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with, and relates to, other people. It also affects how they make sense of the world around them – Thanks NAS I never know exactly how to sum it up in a short paragraph.

What is the History of Autism

Well the word autism has been around for 97 nearly 98 years now, and it was first used to describe those who we now diagnosed as schizophrenic. Well at least a subset of them anyway. Now this subset were particularly withdrawn and were self absorbed. I hate that term, just because someone prefers to be in their own world does not make them self absorbed. Maybe the world is too much for them to process.  In 1943 AMD Child Psychiatrist Dr Leo Kanner, wrote and published a paper on a study of 11 children who displayed a desire to to be alone and an insistence on routine. The paper was called “‘Autistic Disturbances of Affective Contact”

Leo Kanner M.D Paper

Kanner was born in what we now call the Ukraine in 1894. He studied at the University of Berlin although his studies were broken by service with the Austrian Army in WWI, he finally received his M.D in 1921. In 1924 he moved to the US to take a Physician job in Dakota. It was not until the 1930’s when Edward Park and Adolf Meyer selected Kanner to develop the first children’s psychiatric service. He became an associate professor in 1933. In 1943, he wrote his paper on “Autistic Disturbances of Affective Contact,” He says that there are noticeable changes to children’s behavior far beyond anything that was reported so far. He wanted to look into each case individually and work out the peculiarities.  Reading through each case with the knowledge we now know of autism it is interesting to spot the signs as they developed in these cases.

I highly recommend reading it in its entirety because you find out so much about how the differences in each case presents us with a symptom of autism. Kanner pays so much attention to the social and language deficiencies each case presents. OK he does not recognize cognitive impairments and in later paper he does suggest that their is a possibility that “Refridgerator parenting” is a cause. It took him 28 years to even consider organics as a cause.  


Come back for more. In Next Week’s Edition We look as Hans Asperger.