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Hey, Guys This year I have been thinking so much about my life and reflecting on so many things which happened to me in the past and it has really helped me to overcome a lot of my issues. I am just one autistic girl on a mission to help people like myself. So as an early Christmas present to you all because I just can’t contain my excitement and to be able to get started with the actual thing instead of spending my life conceptualising it. I mean there is just so much I can write to this project. Tomorrow Its the Nitty Gritty Code behind it.


Code….. Wait Does That Mean


Yep, I am creating a website!

I am so excited to make this site. What is it going to be about? YOU! Teens and Adults with Autism coming together and having a safe place to connect. Parents don’t think I have forgotten you there will be a place for you to connect as well. Here’s the catch It is a Bully free zone. So many of us on the spectrum have encountered bullying at one point in our lives. So I am creating a place where we can go and be ourselves without being judged. Even as I am in the alternate persona I get the odd hate comment. In life itself, I used to get it bad from the ones I used to travel into school with.

What do you think of my new project? Oh and, by the way, I need name suggestions.


Captain Spectrum  @Capt_Spectrum Thanks for giving me the motivation to do this.



Back to Basics. History of Autism. Hans Asperger

Dr Hans Asperger is a Viennese child pyschologist who published his first definition of Asperger Syndrome in 1944. Previously in 1926 Eva Sucharewa (a Russian scientific assistant) wrote a paper called “Schizoid Personality of Childhood” 

It gave an account of 6 boys and their behavioral issues, this paper closely resembles the findings of Dr Hans Asperger who died in October 1980 with his work not recognised in the English Speaking World

Looking through all this history all the research has been done on boys. Maybe thats why the research is all biased towards men instead of women.

I was reading this journal about Hans Asperger and their was this little note. Hans knew autism was life long and everyone would carry their talents on with them into adulthood. This contrasts with Dr Leo Kanner’s description of Autism. The reason behind Hans Asperger knowing the condition is lifelong is because he followed this one child Fritz into adulthood. Fritz was a genius, he became a professor of astronomy. He worked out an error in Newton’s work which he noticed as a child.

This series has got me really interested, I never even knew that as a child Hans Asperger exhibted symptoms of the very condition which was named after him.

Next Week or maybe later in this. Depending on how much work I get I will be looking at Pyschologist Bruno Bettelheim


Advice for the working

Hey guys and girlies. Joag here again. I want to talk today about working whilst on the spectrum. I know I covered employment a few months back but now I have a job and been in it for a month. I want to cover a few topics which may benefit some of you.

First of Retail. If you work in retail or are planning on Retail I want you to know it’s not as scary as you may think. The key is time. Give yourself time to adjust. Your not going to learn everything in a day. Trust me as smart as you all are. It won’t happen in a day!
Secondly speed and accuracy. These two things come when you have had time and training. I’m still learning and I may not be the quickest but I sure am accurate.
If you make a mistake. Don’t let it own you. You can do better. Manys a time I have wanted to melt down but I had to realize it was one mistake. The business has probably had many me’s before. It’s not going to fall into its knees.

OK this is sounding like a letter to me. But its good advice and maybe I should take it onboard.

You administrators out there this is for you. Relax your gonna be great. It’s all about letting your personality shine. Now let me tell you about my two years in admin. I adored them. Again like everything I didn’t learn it all in a day. The key is patience. Not everyone is going to be as happy as you. I have a great example. An angry parent phoned to complain about pay (in the UK we pay x amount of money per week to the student for their education). Now this parent saw that the x amount was not what it should have been. And the boss in charge was not in. I tried to tell him that all I could do was take a number and leave a message. Not good enough for him. I ended up bearing the brunt of the abuse which I knew wasn’t directed at me. After the call. I had 2 choices I could internalise the anger and feel like I messed up. Or take a moment evaluate and say to myself that’s not my fault. I chose the latter. There’s a lesson in that story somewhere. Don’t worry if you get an angry call. It’s not your fault

That’s about the extent of my working knowledge. If I work in other sectors il maybe update this information a bit more

Back to Basics of Autism.

Hey Guys and Girls as I am now working a lot I thought it would be a good idea to theme the next lot of posts around. The Basics of Autism. We are ending the year back at the beginning of autism. I want to talk about the first ever case of autism and how it was diagnosed. Back in the day and how it is diagnosed now (even if it is biased to boys) But i shall talk about why that is. The reason I am doing this now is so that a) I can learn more about it myself and b) if gives my nights a bit of structure rather than worrying about the night’s topics and also my new project oh boy am i excited to explain it all to you next month. This month if you check my twitter I will be running a number of polls to see what exactly I need for my surprise and I will announce it on 31st Dec at 12:00 Midnight EEK

Back to Basics What is Autism

Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with, and relates to, other people. It also affects how they make sense of the world around them – Thanks NAS I never know exactly how to sum it up in a short paragraph.

What is the History of Autism

Well the word autism has been around for 97 nearly 98 years now, and it was first used to describe those who we now diagnosed as schizophrenic. Well at least a subset of them anyway. Now this subset were particularly withdrawn and were self absorbed. I hate that term, just because someone prefers to be in their own world does not make them self absorbed. Maybe the world is too much for them to process.  In 1943 AMD Child Psychiatrist Dr Leo Kanner, wrote and published a paper on a study of 11 children who displayed a desire to to be alone and an insistence on routine. The paper was called “‘Autistic Disturbances of Affective Contact”

Leo Kanner M.D Paper

Kanner was born in what we now call the Ukraine in 1894. He studied at the University of Berlin although his studies were broken by service with the Austrian Army in WWI, he finally received his M.D in 1921. In 1924 he moved to the US to take a Physician job in Dakota. It was not until the 1930’s when Edward Park and Adolf Meyer selected Kanner to develop the first children’s psychiatric service. He became an associate professor in 1933. In 1943, he wrote his paper on “Autistic Disturbances of Affective Contact,” He says that there are noticeable changes to children’s behavior far beyond anything that was reported so far. He wanted to look into each case individually and work out the peculiarities.  Reading through each case with the knowledge we now know of autism it is interesting to spot the signs as they developed in these cases.

I highly recommend reading it in its entirety because you find out so much about how the differences in each case presents us with a symptom of autism. Kanner pays so much attention to the social and language deficiencies each case presents. OK he does not recognize cognitive impairments and in later paper he does suggest that their is a possibility that “Refridgerator parenting” is a cause. It took him 28 years to even consider organics as a cause.  


Come back for more. In Next Week’s Edition We look as Hans Asperger.

Senses Series Part 1. Touch and Autism

Senses Series Part 1

Touch and Autism, Pleasure or pain

Welcome guys last week I gave you all an overview of my sense series which will be happening over the next 5 weeks. Today I want to talk about TOUCH!

They say human touch is what helps us to feel emotionally connected to each other, but for people with autism, The nerves which signal pleasure rather than pain are sometimes crossed and these nerves known as ” c-tactile afferents ” These crossed wires if you will are the reasons why certain textures touching the skin are uncomfortable to those on the spectrum, I know this personally because my feet are hypersensitive to touch, i can barely stand cotton socks on my feet, without my feet itching like mad. To explain it to your child when they wonder why they don’t like this touch I always think of Kuzco from the Emperor’s new Groove. “No Touchy” He exhibits feelings of not liking to be touched, sometimes I think his self absorption and his obsessions are exhibits of autism, but I have yet to ask Disney about this.

Thinking of my own personal life in regards to this topic i can come up with many examples of how touch affects me. i.e. I am not sure how many of you will relate to this, but my hair itches the heck out of me, whether its my scalp itching even when my hair is clean or whether it lands on my arm or anywhere on my body it is like striking a match and feeling the heat as it burns down. Thats how my body feels when a strand of hair hits my skin.

Touch is the first sense to mature, it is fully functional shortly after birth, but for those on the spectrum, it may have developed abnormally. I know there are a lot of different stimuli which people on the spectrum cannot stand, some cannot stand the tags on tops and some cannot stand certain textures touching their skin. Another and the final example from me on this topic is those bags you get in the supermarket, i hate the touch of those and also the sound of the produce you put into them, anyway thats another post.

If you or your child is autistic what stimuli do you not like the touch of.

Education and Autism – are our schools equipped to help those on the spectrum

Are our schools failing our children…

As a lot of our children nowadays are misdiagnosed on the spectrum. They are finding it increasingly difficult to integrate themselves fully into school. For being different to the neurotypical kids, they are outcast and seen as different. Their meltdowns are seen as challenging behavior. For many this may be the case. I know boys on the spectrum who lash out in fits of anxiety, they do not mean to cause any harm yet they feel caged and to break the cage they need push forward and run, which is potentially putting themselves in danger. Schools do not see what goes on inside the mind of an autistic child unless they have been correctly diagnosed and the school has the proper training to be able to cope with our children. But unfortunately we live in a society where awareness in schools is limited because of our screwed up government lining their own pockets instead of providing our schools with the adequate resources to help those on the spectrum (This is why i am glad i write anon because that kind of comment would be frowned upon if everyone knew who i was) But unfortunately the government does not care. It is more than happy to turn a blind eye to those in need. In Northern Ireland I can count on one hand the number of specialist schools who are trained to deal with children with specialist needs and if we are to be an “Equal” society i feel this needs to change. Yes OK i get it we don’t have the funding to support it but if we could supply the correct training to schools all over the UK not just NI we may be able to help our kids thrive instead of just survive.

I am sick of hearing this school is below standard, this school is failing, it is failing because we do not understand the needs of today’s children. More and more children are born with special needs and unless we support them. Our whole society will fail not just the schools but when those children grow up, they will be a society of unemployed because no one will want to employ them because they were failed at school.

Educate NOW for a Better Tomorrow

I know this may seem like a rant but it just how i feel and I would love to know, what you think of our education system. Are we doing enough to support tomorrows children today?

See My Second Post Today… Autism School Checklist make sure you are equipped!


My Diagnosis Story

Hey Fingerprints

We all have stories some which make us, some which help us understand who we are. Me, I never understood who I really was until i got my diagnosis. This is my story.

I went not diagnosed until the age of 14. for the 9 years of my life inbetween I felt different to everyone else, confused about who i am. who i was.

I was a social misfit in school. Unique I could never fit in with the cliques. I went to primary school with this one girl who had a difficulty of her own. So when we moved into the same school. Teachers stuck us together all the time to the point where it irked me so much that one day in school when we were being placed where to sit. the teacher said for us to sit together and when i got confused. She asked did i not like her and openly and honestly I said no. To the surprise of the whole class. I think she secretly hated me from that day on because she became a real bully in my life, belittling me at every turn.  Oh Would You Listen To Me I am rambling on again lol.

It took my parents years to fight for my diagnosis, years of back and forth to the doctors and many different referrals. When I was in primary they thought I had ADHD I was put on a light dose of ritalin 3 times a day. which did nothing for me because I did not have ADHD. It took 9 years for me to finally get the diagnosis,

When I was being tested I, had to go through rigorous testing, social skills testing, imaginative play. It took a while for me to get my head around this process my diagnosis and I was depressed for a short while because I felt so different to everyone else.

I’d love to know your story!

What Age were you diagnosed?

How did you feel?