Autism In 2015.

This post is to highlight the media’s coverage of autism in the last year. I plan on doing these posts quarterly to keep everyone around the world updated with the autism news.

  1. This article in the BBC news highlighted to me the wonderful work of Steve Silberman. Steve won the Samuel Johnson Prize for nonfiction. This Tour De Force book “NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism”  will change the way the world views autism. He could not be more right about blurring the lines between the abnormal and normal. Not every human is wired the same way and we should be celebrating these differences.

    As yet I have not had the pleasure of reading this book but I am looking forward to purchasing it in the future.
  2. Recently as I have been searching for articles to write about this year I came across SAGE JOURNALS – and this one, in particular, caught my attention. Its true sometimes that we don’t know exactly how to describe this broad umbrella. I am not sure where you stand on the neurodiverse term. For me personally, it is a term which describes a number of things. I am neurologically diverse I have a number of different related conditions to autism. For one, I have Autism, OCD, SPD, APD, and a heck load of others which would take me a whole year to define so for me to be called neurally diverse does not offend me. For me, it has been interesting to read this article and make some sense of the graphs. I am not surprised that the term “aspie” is getting used less and less. It will soon become extinct. Go have a read for yourself. Honestly, it really opened my eyes to some of the stats for the different terms which we all would associate with Autism.
  3. Linked from my Friend Linda Mastroianni  

    I found this article about IEPs to be interesting. If I had known this knowledge 9 nearly 10 years ago when I was diagnosed. Even for my own sake never mind my parent’s it would have made it a whole lot easier for me to integrate into the school. Maybe it was my nerves as I suffer from high anxiety though for me I always set my goals super high. I was only diagnosed at age 14 so transitional planning wasn’t really an option for me at this time as I still had 4 years of school left. I always had dreams of doing A Levels in school. I was super disappointed when I didn’t get my A which I really should have but If i had followed these IEP rules I may have had more realistic expectations of myself.

Author: JustoneAutisticGirl

My About for 2016. Tada! LOL I am JOAG, Joag is a fictional character I created to help me write about Autism. JOAG is an acronym for Just One Autistic Girl. JOAG is a unique individual with a passion for autism. Now this year I am taking the blog a step further. Joag is creating a website. Not Just any website A web forum based on autism. creating a safe place for those on the spectrum. In my blog I tell personal stories my personal stories not some fictitious nonsense I make up to make my blog seem more relevant to you. Now I want a personal goal for me. I want to do something for me. Each day I want to be inspiring I am going to run 2 miles everyday. 2 Miles a day times 365 days. 730 Miles is doable and it’s a good start for someone just getting started. But my goal for the blog and site this year is the intervention for bullying. I don't have a stat yet for the number of people in the world with autism. But we do know that it touches 2.8 mil people a day How many people are bullied on the spectrum? How many are silent sufferers? How long will we let this go on?

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