Update time again

Hey guys sorry for the hiatus in posts I have had the most hectic and exciting week. First of let me share my good news. As of next Friday I start my first official shift. Yep  I got the job thanks to the Prince’s Trust. I highly recommend their programmes to anyone who needs a job. It will be a long ol haul but it will surely be worth it.

From now on though it does mean I will have to change my schedule around my work. So on my off days which I will post online on my twitter and on the Joag faceybook account come and say Hey.

Look me up!!

Right on to the catch up that is my second job now. I have 3 blogs to write for this week alone and I’ll make a few for next week even though my first day will be a Friday

So expect more from Joag this week because you’ll be seeing a lot of me 😀

Author: JustoneAutisticGirl

My About for 2016. Tada! LOL I am JOAG, Joag is a fictional character I created to help me write about Autism. JOAG is an acronym for Just One Autistic Girl. JOAG is a unique individual with a passion for autism. Now this year I am taking the blog a step further. Joag is creating a website. Not Just any website A web forum based on autism. creating a safe place for those on the spectrum. In my blog I tell personal stories my personal stories not some fictitious nonsense I make up to make my blog seem more relevant to you. Now I want a personal goal for me. I want to do something for me. Each day I want to be inspiring I am going to run 2 miles everyday. 2 Miles a day times 365 days. 730 Miles is doable and it’s a good start for someone just getting started. But my goal for the blog and site this year is the intervention for bullying. I don't have a stat yet for the number of people in the world with autism. But we do know that it touches 2.8 mil people a day How many people are bullied on the spectrum? How many are silent sufferers? How long will we let this go on?

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