Welcome to the autistic fingerprint

Hey guys and gals. I am just one of many autistic girls. And this blog will be filled with all things autism. For privacy reasons I want to remain anon just because some of my opinions may not be yours and I don’t want to come under fire for anything I say here.

The reason I started this blog is because I used to blog under a different autism name and I now want a fresh start at it as my views from my previous has changed. I also got a lot of inspiration from a Ted talk. I’ll link to it  now
Alix Generous: How I learned to communicate my inner life with Asperger’s. http://go.ted.com/bQ6H

My post schedule will be a Sunday and  Tuesday and Thursday. Hopefully

My next post will be my diagnosis story

Author: JustoneAutisticGirl

My About for 2016. Tada! LOL I am JOAG, Joag is a fictional character I created to help me write about Autism. JOAG is an acronym for Just One Autistic Girl. JOAG is a unique individual with a passion for autism. Now this year I am taking the blog a step further. Joag is creating a website. Not Just any website A web forum based on autism. creating a safe place for those on the spectrum. In my blog I tell personal stories my personal stories not some fictitious nonsense I make up to make my blog seem more relevant to you. Now I want a personal goal for me. I want to do something for me. Each day I want to be inspiring I am going to run 2 miles everyday. 2 Miles a day times 365 days. 730 Miles is doable and it’s a good start for someone just getting started. But my goal for the blog and site this year is the intervention for bullying. I don't have a stat yet for the number of people in the world with autism. But we do know that it touches 2.8 mil people a day How many people are bullied on the spectrum? How many are silent sufferers? How long will we let this go on?

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