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Hi Guys this will be the last post one autistic fingerprint as I am moving to a more customised account

Come tomorrow I will have uploaded my first post all about language and respect for those with disabilities.


I hope you will all come and support my new blog – Starting Every Tomorrow and continuing every Sunday at 9:00am GMT



Hey Guys…. I am Sorry

Hey Guys I am so sorry for the big delay in getting back to blogging. I have had a really tough month or two with work and my self esteem. But I am coming back. My brother is currently helping me work on the site. I have had it rough and my amazing family and friends have borne the brunt of my mood swings and crankiness. But enough about me. I wanna know how you guys have been. Its been far too long. Joag is back in business. Now what should my first topic be, Im in a pysched mood, feeling good today so I wanna capitalize on it.

A New Series. How Autism Has Changed, Early 1900’s

Hey, Guys and Girls I’m back with a brand new series. History Of Autism. I started this last year but I kind of got lost in the research so I am starting over. So Here We Go Again.

I want to give a brief overview of how autism has changed today before I go into the historic details.

Autism has been around for 100 years and stems from the greek word autos meaning self. The term describes how people are isolated from social interactions. First used in 1911 to describe one group of schizophrenia symptoms. 30 years on the United States used the term to describe children with socioemotional problems. At least, I think that’s how you say it if I’m wrong someone correct me, please. Dr. Leo Kanner used it to describe the withdrawn behavior he noticed in his studies. At the same time that Dr. Leo Kanner was studying, Hans Asperger, a german scientist identified similar traits to autism but noticed a few differences and these differences are what has now become known as Asperger Syndrome.


1960-1970’s research into autism treatments focused on medication such as LSD and electroshock treatments, which were basically forms of torture. I don’t know if many of you have ever used a TENS machine at full whack, imagine that but probably 100 times worse than its highest setting. OUCH


In the early 1980s and 1990s, Behavioral therapy and controlled learning environments emerged as the most common methods of treatment. These common forms are what we now would consider the cornerstones of autism therapy.



Now you know an overview of the history, I will go back in another post probably tomorrow as I am uploading these a day ahead of each other and talk about the work behind, i.e. Dr. Leo Kanner’s research, Hans Asperger, Bruno Bettleheim then after I will look into how the symptoms have changed over the years what the different types are and how they have developed over the years, causes treatments I have at least a week’s worth of blogging to do dedicated to all this autism history and trust me its gonna be an interesting one.


Stay Tuned. Joag xx



My Blogging Story

Not many people know how I got into blogging about autism and my background. In school, I was well read and loved researching topics of my interest as many autists do. But here’s my story and since we are at the beginning of a new year I think it’s fitting I tell you.


My love for autism began long before I was ever diagnosed. My nature is to always do for others what you would like done in return. So basically being a helpful little mouse. I knew kids in school who were different to me and the first day I noticed something different about me was my grandmother’s funeral. When we were talking about going all I could think about was my normal routine and that if I went to this could i go back to school afterwards. I know who would want to go to school after such a tragedy. My gran had always been into books and she loved reading to me and though I had just turned 8 and I don’t have very many memories of her. I do remember her reading with me whatever books I brought with me either from school or whatever. Then when I turned 14 and got my diagnosis, I could understand why I acted so differently to everyone else at that time. That wasn’t true with my grandad when he passed, I sunk low. But I’ll talk about that later. I digress, After I got my diagnosis I did everything I could to learn about autism, I looked on sites, I read stories, blogs mainly and I wrote a diary down of everything I did and was feeling, kind of like my own personal blog, Then when I sunk low into a bad depression because I couldn’t understand why a man who I loved dearly would forget me, EOSD early onset dementia I will never forgive you for taking my grandad away from me and I know now that he did not get it as a result of me being autistic- I blamed myself for 5 years. Then back in 2013, I wrote under another name as I decided it would be good to teach myself more I am an adult now and I should know what life has in store for me this period. I got some mean critics on blogger, where I used to write and this made me bad again so I stopped and thought whats the point. Then in August 2015 I finally picked my ass back up and saif stuff it I wanna write again, I want to help people and the best way I know how because I love to talk is blogging. I use a dictaphone app on my computer and just ramble into it as it translates my spoken word into text and then I copy and paste it in here and use Grammarly to check my spelling. I have never felt better about myself than when I am writing as JOAG, she gives me a sense of security in myself that I have never discovered before. I can be free and open with you guys and I love it, I will touch more on my life soon when I go into details about my exciting project I am working on this year.


Oh yeah and I finally got round to making one of these up


Joag’s finishing tagline as many people seem to have some sort of uplifting message and that’s something I am gonna do every day, I am going to use my media networks for the better and promote positivity within autism. So today’s is


Autism doesn’t mean different it means You are Awesome Unique Totally Inspirational Smart Masterful and what you do with your talents could change the world! How will you change it today?

Has the Political Correctness of this world gone mad.

Seriously guys I am wondering the question that is my title of this blog. Have we as a world gone politically insane. We can’t say this, we can’t do that. You are bad if you say that. Well, I am here to put an end to it all. Hopefully!.


Don’t we live in a free society where we can say whatever we want isn’t that one of our basic human rights.

I could literally sit here all night and talk about the political correctness that is in the world. I mean take one of my beloved kids tv shows for example. Dennis the Menace. They have taken away his menacing nature They have taken away everything that made him, him. I always thought that the older comics gave such great morals, as Dennis always got what’s coming to him. Even the Dandy has been toned down I mean how can our children learn anything good from these shows if everything has to be just so PC. Parent’s the TV you grew up with is no more, What are we gonna do about it. We can’t just let people change how we grew up and how we grew up was great! Why can’t our children have the childhood we had, before the world went insane

My Guide to Adapting to change

Hey, Guys and Girlies. Joag is back yet again with another powerful post and this one really struck a chord with me when I was thinking of posts for the new year. I have so many good ones planned its unreal. I think this year is going to be amazing if I can write posts like I am now. I am so organised and for adapting to change organisation, is key!

My first day of high school was chaotic because there was nothing in place properly to help me. First off if you are starting a new school make sure you have 2 viable options for getting in either by a lift or public transport. My public transport on my first day was atrocious they FORGOT to pick me up. So I was melting down before I got in. I was lucky as the years went on and I finally got diagnosed that I had some pretty amazing teachers. Who would seek me out on breaks to let me know if the class was going to change than what the teacher had told me was going to happen that lesson. Particularly important when it came to P.E, although I did end up playing by myself most P.E sessions. That is a topic I will be bringing up in a later blog so make sure to check back regularly to see when that is.


But for someone with autism, it is not as easy as flipping a switch when it comes to changing plans. Tonight when I am writing this I have plans to watch a movie with my parents at 7:30 so I have to make sure I have all my writing done by then so I can keep these plans and not set myself up for an attack if something happens.

My tips to adapt to change is to plan as much of the day as you can. Prepare activities and have some space in between each activity so if something does need to change your child can calmly carry on with the changes without kicking and screaming.

Depending on how you and your child communicate during the day about your routine whether it be a PECS board or verbally always give them the time to ask a question, trust me asking why something is happening is much easier than being thrust into a new environment. Coming from someone with anxiety issues this point is really important. My teachers must have secretly hated me for

Coming from someone with anxiety issues this point is really important. My teachers must have secretly hated me for the amount of questions I asked especially my computers tutor because I never stopped emailing him about my classes and if I was on the right track with my work.


Try to explain and adapt the routine as the child gets older maybe not following the same pattern some times to ease your child into NO routine.  or if they need to always have a routine adapt it into longer blocks of time. I am forever using my diarie(s) yes I have many diaries 2 paper diaries one for the blog and one personal and my online diary system where I can break my day into 30 minute chunks. On days where I am working I use this heavily I program in my hours of work and the time I have around that including travel times. This helps me to know when to eat because and again this is something I will touch on it in another blog post I forget to eat and drink. I have to physically remind myself otherwise it wouldn’t happen. Ok there are sometimes when it is an auto pilot response but it doesn’t always engage. So reminding myself to do these seemingly simple tasks is something which has become routine to me. So if i had to adapt this I don’t know exactly how I would react. When it comes to going out with parents I do now how to react because I have had to accept there are times where our plans are not able to be completed that day due to my dad’s health. But that doesn’t mean I don’t get disappointed I just go to my bank file of things to do when plans go awry and do something else. This year I have stopped some of those because they were somewhat unhealthy habits. Now in place I have a few new ones. Mainly housework or blogging.


Think Global Act Local



That Hashtag above is for you to tell me how you have done something wonderful for your local community. It doesn’t have to be world stopping, but you do have to do something. I like to think of doing random acts of kindness. or Arks (acts of random kindness) to do for people all the time. They don’t have to be expensive. Sometimes time is more precious than money actually it is more than sometimes I happen to think it is far more important.

Recently I was out doing a bit of shopping in my local health food store and they had a delivery driver who wasn’t the most compos mentis  person. Firstly far over estimating how many boxes he had to deliver to the shop now I am not saying this for glory hounding I was in the shop just after he left. and I noticed the quite old gentleman struggling to carry in the supplements for the store so I offered him a hand bringing them into the store as the weather was beginning to turn inclement. Now it wasn’t very much and it did not take very long but it wasn’t about that it was about helping my local community with a menial task. I quite often would visit that shop and felt I should do something to help as the couple who own the store are a lovely pair who I would spend a lot of time with.


I have compiled a small list below of little Arks you can do locally which make your little town thrive. If we all did this the world would be a thriving place instead of a dying place.


Music for Autism

This is a very special post dedicated to a very special group. I love this group oh so much. They offer interactive concerts for free to help enhance the quality of life for people on the spectrum. and when I say people on the spectrum just because a person is autistic doesn’t mean their family is not involved in the spectrum too!  The work Music For Autism does aims to improve the lives of those on the spectrum may they be young or slightly older. Based in New York, I love reading the comments from the parents, the musicians and the teachers. Reading their stories is so inspiring. I wish there were more things like this for children with Autism, all it takes is a kind heart and a little bit of charity to start something like this up.


The world is too Neuro Friendly for my liking. If we could change how the Big Wigs in the fancy cabinet see us then we can change what services we need and make them more friendly towards us.


Lubbock and Cairne established Music for Autism 14 years ago to help share their love of music with those on the spectrum. They do so much for not only those with autism but also schools and

“In addition to funding concerts, Music for Autism has supported special units and schools for children with autism. The charity’s music education and equipment grants have furnished sensory rooms and provided school transportation and school supplies for children. Today Music for Autism has a well-established presence in the United Kingdom, holding numerous fundraising and interactive concerts each year throughout Great Britain”.


I urge you to support them and I hope not to sound like Tesco here when I say Every Little Helps but it really does. As a community we need to be able to support one another. I will leave a link to their donation page at the end of this blog. You can donate in so many ways. I give through Amazon Smile. So every purchase I make at least some of the money goes to a worthwhile cause


Autism In 2015.

This post is to highlight the media’s coverage of autism in the last year. I plan on doing these posts quarterly to keep everyone around the world updated with the autism news.

  1. This article in the BBC news highlighted to me the wonderful work of Steve Silberman. Steve won the Samuel Johnson Prize for nonfiction. This Tour De Force book “NeuroTribes: The Legacy of Autism”  will change the way the world views autism. He could not be more right about blurring the lines between the abnormal and normal. Not every human is wired the same way and we should be celebrating these differences.

    As yet I have not had the pleasure of reading this book but I am looking forward to purchasing it in the future.
  2. Recently as I have been searching for articles to write about this year I came across SAGE JOURNALS – and this one, in particular, caught my attention. Its true sometimes that we don’t know exactly how to describe this broad umbrella. I am not sure where you stand on the neurodiverse term. For me personally, it is a term which describes a number of things. I am neurologically diverse I have a number of different related conditions to autism. For one, I have Autism, OCD, SPD, APD, and a heck load of others which would take me a whole year to define so for me to be called neurally diverse does not offend me. For me, it has been interesting to read this article and make some sense of the graphs. I am not surprised that the term “aspie” is getting used less and less. It will soon become extinct. Go have a read for yourself. Honestly, it really opened my eyes to some of the stats for the different terms which we all would associate with Autism.
  3. Linked from my Friend Linda Mastroianni  

    I found this article about IEPs to be interesting. If I had known this knowledge 9 nearly 10 years ago when I was diagnosed. Even for my own sake never mind my parent’s it would have made it a whole lot easier for me to integrate into the school. Maybe it was my nerves as I suffer from high anxiety though for me I always set my goals super high. I was only diagnosed at age 14 so transitional planning wasn’t really an option for me at this time as I still had 4 years of school left. I always had dreams of doing A Levels in school. I was super disappointed when I didn’t get my A which I really should have but If i had followed these IEP rules I may have had more realistic expectations of myself.

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